2020 Bobbin Head Cycle Classic

$1,350.00 raised so far

$1,300.00 goal

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My Story

I have decided to participate for the very first time in this worthwhile fund raising . Bobbin Head raises much-needed funds to support Lifeline. Lifeline’s counsellors provide a vital service for people trying to manage grief, addiction, abuse and in many cases suicide prevention. They receive over a million calls a year and each call costs a little over $25. I do not want to minimize the potential effect of the Corona virus, but let me give you some context. The 10th of February was the worst day (so far) for the Corona Virus. On that day 108 people affected by the virus died in China. On that same day, suicide took 28 x more lives. I will be participating in the 57 km ride, which I am hoping to get done in between 2 and 2.5 hours. That is probably nothing for some of those serious Sunday riders out there, but I have not done any cardio of more than 1/2 hour in over 15 years. But training has started and I am beating my legs into submission. Please help me reach my target

Name Amount Comment
Troy Augustus $50.00 Feel the burn Ricky
Yat Quan Tan $100.00
Jim Fawcett $50.00
Anonymous $150.00
Rick and Woon Millen $250.00 A message from Woon. "You'd better do it ... or you don't get the money!". Good luck.
Jacqueline Wasilewsky $100.00
Douglas Isles $100.00 Go Ricky!
Cameron Robertson $50.00
Alberto Contador $75.00 Adelante amigo !
Kevin Chan $75.00
Ricardo Nemirovsky $250.00
Lara Navarro $100.00 You know no one is MAKING you do this ,,, not too late to drop out
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