Geronimotion (archived)

$6,530.00 raised so far

$2,500.00 goal

Our Story

Lifeline is a great cause and our mate Tom Geronimo loved to ride.
Every 30 seconds, a person in Australia reaches out to Lifeline for help.
They are a national charity providing all Australians experiencing emotional distress with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.
Lets get behind Lifeline Australia by making a donation so that no person in Australia has to face their darkest moments alone.

Our Donors

Name Total Raised Goal
Chris Munro    $1,415.00 $1,000.00 Donate
Daniel Renshaw    $1,000.00 $500.00 Donate
Max Geronimo    $915.00 $250.00 Donate
celine galvin    $865.00 $250.00 Donate
Sohan Geronimo    $500.00 $300.00 Donate
Robyn Carr    $380.00 $250.00 Donate
Tim Lynch    $320.00 $250.00 Donate
Bill Manning   CAPTAIN $280.00 $1,000.00 Donate
Tim Lynch    $240.00 $250.00 Donate
Tim Lynch    $235.00 $250.00 Donate
Greg O'Mara    $130.00 $250.00 Donate
Manuel Alves    $100.00 $100.00 Donate
Mickey Campbell    $50.00 $250.00 Donate
Michael Wall    $50.00 $250.00 Donate
Tim Lynch    $50.00 $250.00 Donate
julie tennet    $0.00 $250.00 Donate
gary tennet    $0.00 $250.00 Donate
Simon Uzcilas    $0.00 $50.00 Donate
Name Amount Comment
Erin O'Grady $100.00 A vital service that needs more funding and awareness.
Brian Mc Grenaghan $50.00 Good job guys
Anne Brady $50.00 Well done ! Love Anne
Anne Brady $50.00 Well done Celine and Robyn and Team geronimotion
Deesha Bhatt $20.00 Well Done Geronimotions!!
Nicole Torrance $50.00 💙
Maureen Lynch $50.00
Maureen Lynch $50.00 Well done Billy
Michelle Popovski $20.00 What an inspiration Celine. Well done
Emma Hines $25.00
Kirsten Cole $50.00 Well done team great initiative love the Cole family
Linda Hanley $20.00 Well done Celine!!!
Kath Melia $20.00
Billy Lynch $20.00 Let’s go!
julie tennet $100.00 Go Geronimotion Gang. Thinking of you Tom ❤️
Steve Whitby $50.00
Denis Cunneen $35.00 Love from Paula and Denis
Martin Galvin $35.00 Good luck Celine and all the team
Michael Wall $50.00
Daniel Renshaw $50.00
Frith Bowmaker $35.00
Frith Bowmaker $35.00
Frith Bowmaker $35.00
Cathy Geronimo $50.00
Cathy Geronimo $50.00
Louise O’Sullivan $20.00
Elizabeth Smyth $35.00
Brian Curry $50.00 Great cause
Yvonne Galvin $75.00 Good luck Celine
Michael Lynch $100.00 Ride hard, Let’s Go!
Rebecca Bennett $20.00
Peter Rooimans $50.00 Go Celine
Siobhan Beavis $50.00 Important cause, in honour of a missed friend.
Marie Edwards $50.00 Go Celine!
Melissa Vouris $35.00 Good luck Dan!
Megan Jeffery $25.00 Great cause x
Danielle Harvey $50.00 Well done to all. Ride like the wind.
Jenny Buckley $50.00
Alex Pollock $50.00
Raymond Abla $35.00 Good Luck Dan ... Enjoy the ride
Sonal Joshi $50.00 Lovely tribute Sohan. All the best for the ride x
Ellen Bowden $20.00
Bronte Skeggs $20.00 Love your work Dan!
Peter Page $35.00 Certainly for a worthy cause. Well done Dan.
Melissa Palmer $35.00 Good luck Dan!
Mark Whitehead $50.00
Micky Ashley Rathod $20.00
David Gunton $75.00 Go
Belinda Craig $20.00
Georgia Anastasopoulos $20.00
Daniel Jones $250.00 Go get em Dan
Fiona O’Sullivan $35.00 Good Luck Dan.
Mark Dexter $100.00 Ride like the wind Max!
Michael Vincetic $50.00
Matthew Allwood $200.00 Nice one mate.
Jess Munro $50.00
Jane Barrett $50.00 Fantastic cause for a great mate. RIP Tom.
Kerryn Eyes $50.00
Scott Findlay $75.00
Sharon Thompson $50.00 Well done all of you, a wonderful tribute to Tom
Anonymous $100.00
David Foley $100.00
Greg Wallace $50.00 Go Celine Go!
Rhonda @ Graham Galloway $50.00
Gunu Naker $50.00 All the best wishes for a good cause
David Gunton $50.00
David Gunton $50.00
Paul McCarthy $35.00 Go well Robyn, you're supporting a wonderful organisation! cheers from Paul and Louise
Alison Kirkman $20.00
Pete Harrison $50.00 Good on you Max!
Danijela Phani $50.00 Good luck! Great cause.
Abby Delucyk $50.00 I’m so proud of u
Lucas Delucyk $50.00 Go well
Jorja Duffy $100.00 tom would be proud. love the duffy’s xx
Jorja Duffy $100.00 proud of you max. love the duffy’s xx
Belinda Parsons $20.00 Well done, You got this x 🚲
reese geronimo $100.00 My brother would be very proud of all of us. I hope this becomes a yearly tradition. Lots of love. xox
Amanda Thomas $50.00 Go Robbie, whoo hoo, great cause x
Katherine Kemp $35.00
Edel Galvin $50.00 Go neiri an tath
Gayle Hovelmeier $50.00 Go Robbie! You can do it!
Ann Harris $20.00
Nicole Ragen $50.00
KEVIN BROWNE $20.00 you go girl!!!
Leana Mills $50.00 Always thinking of you! Love ya!
Ben Jollow $50.00
Tim Geronimo $50.00
Margaret Booth $100.00 Wishing you all the best for this challenge and for supporting such a worthwhile cause
Anthony Masters $50.00 Good work Max. We are always proud of you x
Daniel Renshaw $100.00
Natalie Boog $50.00
Raj Khetia $50.00 Wonderful cause great work Max!!!
Raj Khetia $50.00 Wonderful cause great work Sohan!!!
Mark Redrup $50.00
Max Geronimo $50.00
Anthony Geronimo $50.00 Go Sooey
Clare Lynch $100.00 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Judith McCarthy $50.00
Dave Shailer $80.00
David Galilee $50.00 Good cause Billy. Well done and good luck.
Chris Munro $100.00
Dan & Fee B $30.00
Dan & Fee B $30.00
Dan & Fee B $50.00
Dan & Fee B $50.00
Rosemary Colwell $50.00 Go Lynch Boys Go
Erin Lynch $35.00 Good luck for the ride Michael!
Jan & Geoff Bowmaker $50.00 Pedalling with you all the way
Erin Lynch $35.00 Good luck for the ride Billy!
Jan & Geoff Bowmaker $50.00 Pedalling with you all the way
Jan & Geoff Bowmaker $50.00 Pedalling with you all the way
Erin Lynch $50.00 Your biggest supporter always xx A great ride for a great mate - Tom forever in our hearts.
celine galvin $50.00 Go Robyn ‘May the wind be at our backs ‘on the day 💚
Robyn Carr $50.00 Go team,
Paul Manning $50.00 Go Billy!
Greg O'Mara $100.00
Kathleen Asprea $20.00 You got this! 💪🏻
Scott Wilson $100.00 We want to see a KOM on Strava after you finish! Well done lads on setting this up. We are really pumped to support you all. Cheers! Sandy and Scott
Deborah Chapple $150.00 A wonderful tribute that could save a life
Luke Riddell $50.00 Good on you guys! Will try to get up there with the fam after church to show my support. Bobbin Head looks like a beautiful spot.
Natalia Dexter $50.00 Good luck Chris!! Wonderful fundraiser