Tam-Vegas Vagabonds (archived)

$3,853.00 raised so far

$500.00 goal

Our Story

There’s far more to the Bobbo than simply a fun day out with friends. Even though it’s run entirely by volunteers, there are still certain costs to be covered so we’ve decided to go the extra mile and raise funds for Lifeline and other charities supported by the Bobbo.

When you sponsor our team you will be directly helping people in crisis: People with grief or depression, those suffering abuse or battling with addiction and people on the verge of suicide. Your money will make a difference to people’s lives through Lifeline’s counselling and support services.

Please give as much as you can by sponsoring the team member of your choice. Thank you so much for your gift!

Our Donors

Name Total Raised Goal
David McDonagh    $2,088.00 $250.00 Donate
Nic Pezzuto    $585.00 $500.00 Donate
Luke McDonagh   CAPTAIN $545.00 $250.00 Donate
Peter McDonagh    $365.00 $250.00 Donate
Jack Cameron    $200.00 $250.00 Donate
Stephen McDonagh    $70.00 $50.00 Donate
Name Amount Comment
Ben Hicks $50.00
Greg Maguire $50.00
Luke Rowntree $25.00 luke's a girls name
Anonymous $35.00 Head down, bum up
Tom Ford $100.00
Susan Manwaring $35.00
Kylie Endemi $35.00
Georgia Atherton $40.00
Bec Pizzuto $50.00
Blake Cameron $35.00
Kurt Barrow $35.00
David Cameron $50.00
Patrick Magee $25.00
Mary-Ann Cameron $50.00
Jack Cameron $25.00
Lee Hartigan $35.00 Have a great day!
Lee Hartigan $35.00 Have a great day!!
Tierzah Douglas $100.00
Lara Robinson $25.00 Go you good things!
Monty Maguire $50.00
Greta Gotterson $20.00 Onya
Robert Fisher $25.00 Hey em matey potatey
Dave Turnbull $50.00 Enjoy those hills
Hyde Thomson $50.00
Helen OMara $100.00 Well Done . Good luck! X
Michael Griggs $35.00 Go Big wave Dave
Jarod Douglas $100.00 Go dave
Martin Tremain $50.00
Ian Dundon $35.00
Ian Dundon $35.00
Ian Dundon $130.00
Anonymous $35.00
Alex McCrohon $35.00 Good luck to all the McDonagh’s!!!
David Crough $35.00 Good luck
Peter Brazel $200.00 Go Dave.
Rebel Thomson $150.00 Good luck MCDONAGH's be careful xxx
David Crough $35.00 Good luck
David Cameron $50.00
Jake Anslow $100.00 ...we live in a society
Sarah Pezzuto $50.00 🚲🚴
Olly Doer $30.00
Mary-Ann Cameron $50.00
Tommy Russell $35.00
Anonymous $35.00
Troy Steadman $50.00 Goodluck mate! Hope you smash it.
Jack Cameron $35.00
Georgia Atherton $35.00
Timothy Heath $35.00
Michael Hope $30.00
Mitch Dening $50.00
Bec Pezzuto $25.00
Andrew Porter $75.00 You have a good lookin head
Sophie Cameron $35.00
Nic Pezzuto $30.00
Zenon Kosmider $25.00
Toby Johnston $20.00 Love your work Luke
Blake Nugent $25.00
Peter McDonagh $20.00
Kristie Copland $20.00
Ian George and Darren $100.00 It wiil sweat the beers out of you! Trangie Boys
Megan Purkiss $35.00
Aiden Whiteman $35.00
Liz Thomas $35.00
Dave McGill $50.00 viva
Quinnie, L:arry Bill Hicks $78.00 It is true Billy donated!!!!! Longyard Deck Crew
Don McDonagh $35.00 Love from Dad
Don McDonagh $35.00 Good Luck Stephen from Dad
Don McDonagh $35.00 Well done Luke from Poppy
Don McDonagh $35.00 Good Luck from Poppy Don
Dean Cummins $50.00 Go Dave!
Alexandra Brook $50.00 Go Dave Go!!!!!
Grayson Wolfgang $50.00 Good On You!
Anonymous $35.00
Patrick Maher $35.00 No photos please 😂😂😂
Rod Maley $50.00 R u wearing Lycra?
Ryan Brown $35.00 We want photo proof!
Kelly Seagrave $50.00 Go hard
Daren Dietrich $40.00 Longyard rocks
Craig Power $50.00 Go Tam-Vegas
Luke McDonagh $35.00