Team V

$3,560.00 raised so far

$3,000.00 goal

Our Story

We are a group of Velominati disciples dedicated to the tarmac & embrace the concept of raising money for a good cause while doing what we love!

Our Donors

Name Total Raised Goal
David Bird   CAPTAIN $3,560.00 $3,200.00 Donate
Patrick Breen    $0.00 $250.00 Donate
Greg Dickason    $0.00 $250.00 Donate
Name Amount Comment
Andrew Tramonte $50.00
Anonymous $50.00 Well done Dave.
Anonymous $150.00 Congrats on a great ride and awesome fundraising!
timmy manns $110.00 knowing you'll give 110%, well done mate
Anonymous $100.00 Queeeeeeeenslandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
andrew macdonald $100.00 Do it Birdman!
Rory Lucas $100.00 Go hard mate - enjoy!!
Garret Strange $50.00 Ride Strong!
Dave Roper $20.00
David Pilkington $100.00 Drink plenty of VIDAL wine xx
Stuart Barlow $100.00
Simon Fell $20.00 Ride well Birdy
Jeremy Mckenzie $20.00 Go Birdy!
brett west $50.00 Go Birdman
ANDREW BARNARD $100.00 Allez Oiseau!!!!
Paul Boothby $20.00
Lynn Barling $50.00 On ya bike Birdie!
Gareth Maguire $100.00 Go well, Birdy!
Martin Mulder $100.00
James Stevenson $50.00 Get on ya bike...
scott spalding $150.00 Go Bird man
Scott Rucker $50.00 Fantastic cause DB, enjoy the ride
Luke Higgins $150.00 Go Birdman! good luck.
Jamie Bakewell $50.00 Good luck Birdman!
Krista Shearer $50.00
Niall Faber $50.00 Go you good thing and for a great cause
Arnaud Guillemin $20.00
Michael East $100.00
Steve Netting $100.00 I'd follow you down any hill Birdy Boy
Anonymous $100.00
Rebecca Halleen $50.00 Great work DB
Lucy Wood $50.00 We should all be riding! Great cause Birdy. Good luck.
Jeff Keast $50.00 You will smash that distance... Go Dave!!!
Karl Butterfield $150.00 Show the ball Birdy!!
Andrew Donaldson $100.00 Go Reif...No driving to start...Ride to the ride!
Ben Chapman $50.00 Good work Dave - I want a km for every 20c
Therese Gapps $50.00 Good on you Birdy, very worth cause.
JULIAN DOYLE $150.00 Put it in low and give it a shitful birdy
Danika Windrim $50.00 Great work DB. Such a worthy cause
Brett Galvin $50.00 Good luck David!
Julian Hofer $500.00 Fly like a bird
Paul Boulden $50.00 Rule #5