Nutrien Ag Solutions

$2,670.00 raised so far

$2,000.00 goal

Our Story

Nutrien Ag Solutions is the combination of two strong and proud entities in Landmark and Ruralco, to better service Australia's agricultural industry.

In the past we have had people fly from Perth and Brisbane, and drive from all around the state (and a 10 hour drive from Northern Victoria) to Sydney to ride 'The Bobbo' and raise money for Lifeline, as well as a host of people from within Sydney ride.

Living and working in rural Australia ensures that Nutrien Ag Solutions employees are constantly in contact with farmers, partners, children and friends in this great demographic, and are also able to see when they may be struggling a little...

When you sponsor a Nutrien Ag Solutions rider you will be directly helping to raise funds to provide services for rural people in crisis: People with grief or depression, those suffering abuse or battling with addiction and people on the verge of suicide.

All donations make a difference...

Our Donors

Name Total Raised Goal
Lee McNab   CAPTAIN $1,070.00 $1,000.00 Donate
Grant Elwin    $550.00 $500.00 Donate
craig Dwyer    $440.00 $500.00 Donate
Philip Bennett    $340.00 $500.00 Donate
Torben Donnerborg    $270.00 $250.00 Donate
Troy Gnitecki    $0.00 $1,000.00 Donate
Haley Charnock    $0.00 $250.00 Donate
Nigel Essex    $0.00 $500.00 Donate
Andrew Slatter    $0.00 $500.00 Donate
Andrew Bonny    $0.00 $250.00 Donate
Anna Lindsay    $0.00 $250.00 Donate
Name Amount Comment
Gail Murray $50.00 Good on you Torben!
padraic mcdermott $20.00 Go Nabby. Wish I was going to be joining you.
Paddy McDermott $20.00 Go Torb. PB this year
Nicola Talman $500.00 Nutrien Ag Solutions Health & Wellness team is proud to be a supporter of the NAS Australia team! Go team go!
David Buckner $75.00
Darron Langerak $50.00 Pre-op checks & hi vis Lycra?
Mark Dwyer $150.00 Great cause - good luck
Amelia Carse $20.00 Awesome work, good luck with the ride! :)
Phil Medwin $50.00
John Tuskin $100.00 Great Cause Craig - Do Tassie Proud!
Nicola Lunn $20.00
Steve cave $20.00
Nick Gilbert $20.00 You will love those climbs mate!!
Anne Campbell $50.00 Have a safe and enjoyable ride, proud of what you are doing .... Anne & Tom Campbell
Leanne Forward $50.00
Anesh Chand $50.00
Andrew Hill $50.00
Philippa Elwin $10.00
Rach Elwins $35.00 Proud of you
Matthew Dawkins $50.00
Philip Bennett $100.00
Anonymous $25.00
Torben Donnerborg $20.00
John Wang $25.00
Nick Elias $35.00
Torben Donnerborg $20.00
Cheryl Rogers $20.00 Good luck!!
mario Pasqualotto $20.00 Have a good ride
Phil Twigg $20.00 Good job mate
Bryce Elwin $35.00
Kelsie Blake $80.00
Glenn Evans $20.00 Thumbs up
Jennie Boxall $50.00 The Man, The Myth, The Cyclist!
Joanne Polkinghorne $50.00 Great work!
Gavin Brady $50.00 Well done and best wishes Grant
Kylie Sibraa $20.00 Good Luck!
3SH Gaddo $100.00 Good luck Nabby great cause mate.Cant believe im supporting a bloke that knuckled me playing footy !!Or maybe that wasn't you looked all the same you tooleybuc blokes...
Troy Millard $250.00 Donation from R&B
Dominic Nardi $20.00 Don't think about it, just donate.
Jillian Morsch $100.00 Good luck Team Nutrien riding for a great cause
Des Carruthers $100.00 Great work Lee, happy to assist and will be very happy to see photos of you ascending those hills with a "smile" on your dial !!
Lynda Dunn $100.00 Go you good thing! Mr McNab, so very proud of you for trecking all the way again to Sydney to support such a fantastic cause!