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$5,000.00 goal

Our Story

At Ruralco, we work with people in all corners of rural Australia, and we know how tough it can be in extremely adverse conditions like we're currently experiencing with flooding and drought. Lifeline do an amazing job in helping those Australians who really need help. And we're trying to help Lifeline keep doing this great work.

We would love your support. Please sponsor one of our team members below.


Our Donors

Name Total Raised Goal
Nigel Essex    $1,478.50 $250.00 Donate
Andrew Slatter    $1,177.00 $1,000.00 Donate
Lee McNab    $885.00 $500.00 Donate
Haley Charnock    $650.00 $250.00 Donate
padraic mcdermott   CAPTAIN $605.00 $500.00 Donate
Torben Donnerborg    $466.00 $500.00 Donate
Troy Gnitecki    $380.00 $250.00 Donate
Helen He    $315.00 $250.00 Donate
Phil Bennett    $285.00 $250.00 Donate
Nicole Marchhart    $250.00 $250.00 Donate
Dustin Ainsworth    $225.00 $100.00 Donate
Adrian Gratwicke    $200.00 $250.00 Donate
Anna Lindsay    $165.00 $250.00 Donate
Francis Nocom    $150.00 $250.00 Donate
Rosamund Eustace    $150.00 $250.00 Donate
Patrick Eustace    $65.00 $250.00 Donate
sean Eustace    $50.00 $250.00 Donate
Darryl Forder    $15.00 $250.00 Donate
Tim Whiting    $15.00 $250.00 Donate
Name Amount Comment
Timothy Rowe $35.00
Timothy Rowe $35.00 Well done Adrian - even if you did 'turn left' at the 80Kms mark
Timothy Rowe $35.00
Timothy Rowe $35.00 Well done Nigel
Maurice Furlong $100.00
Catherine Gibson $3.50 I'm so proud of you doing this big bike ride, Daddy. Love, Lily
Adrian Gratwicke $100.00
Adrian Gratwicke $150.00
Adrian Gratwicke $50.00
Adrian Gratwicke $50.00
Anonymous $140.00
padraic mcdermott $15.00 from Ruralco
Wayne Neville $35.00
padraic mcdermott $15.00 from Ruralco
padraic mcdermott $15.00 from Ruralco
padraic mcdermott $15.00 from Ruralco
padraic mcdermott $15.00
Divahar Srignanaguru $100.00
Aislyn Warth $35.00
Andrew Slatter $1,027.00
Alister Bennett $20.00 Alister & Liz
Yvonne Makura $50.00 Go well Nigel!
John Gouin $35.00 Go Girl
Anonymous $75.00 Go Nicole!! All the best and enjoy the ride.
Patrick Eustace $25.00 Go Paddy expect to see you first across the finish line 😀
Vinod Patel $50.00 All the best Nigel!!
padraic mcdermott $15.00 Go Team Eustace
padraic mcdermott $15.00 Go Frankie! (from Ruralco)
padraic mcdermott $15.00
padraic mcdermott $15.00
padraic mcdermott $15.00 From Ruralco
padraic mcdermott $15.00 go training buddy
padraic mcdermott $15.00 From Ruralco
padraic mcdermott $15.00
padraic mcdermott $15.00 From Ruralco
padraic mcdermott $15.00 from Ruralco
padraic mcdermott $15.00 Don't fall off
Paddy McDermott $15.00 From Ruralco
Paddy georgeio $50.00 Good Luck! Your Dad would be proud!!
John Julian $10.00 Go Phil, making supply chain proud
Evan Lee $10.00 Good luck Phil!
Torben Donnerborg $5.00
Sharon Davidson $25.00 Hopefully no rain this weekend :)
Kalveena Navaratnarajah $50.00 Good luck Nigel! Great Cause
Luke Drechsler $75.00 best of luck Troy 🚲
Raena Shandil $75.00 Good luck Nigel!
Ayesha Sadiq $35.00 Good luck Nigel - hope the wind is behind you!
Anonymous $30.00 Good luck, Nigel
Olivia REN $20.00 Go Helen! Good Luck and have fun!!
Lingling Qiu $10.00
Emma Roche $150.00 Great job Helen and best of luck!
Mark Thompson $20.00 Hope you have a motor on that sucker!
Mark Thompson $20.00 At least you wont have to feed the bike!
Georgia Campbell $30.00 Good luck!
Anne Campbell $50.00 Go Phil ... Love, Anne & Tom
Lisa Eagle $150.00 Good Luck Princess!!!! :)
Bec Cartwright $20.00 Great Job Haley
Rose Rowe $50.00 Important cause Troy. Happy to support you, good luck!
Ally Luck $10.00
Heidi Sutherland $35.00 Good luck Troy
Arvin Datt $100.00 All the best!
Sue Hopkins $50.00 Good Luck Troy
Judy Mark $50.00
Braddon ATKINSON $50.00 Good luck Troy
Peter Templeton $35.00
Helen and Brian Essex $100.00 You can do it. Go for it.
Sheila Gibson $100.00 Dennis and Sheila totally support both your good self and the cause. Spin those wheels. Use your dash-cam!
Anna Lindsay $150.00
Torben Donnerborg $50.00 Go Torben
Elizabeth Hardaker $150.00 Great work Paddy and best of luck
Elizabeth Hardaker $100.00 Best of luck Nigel
Phil Bennett $50.00 Aiming to finish
Asita Galappatti $50.00 Ride it like you stole it. Good luck Phil!
Jenny Hendricks $50.00 Go Lee! Hope it's a great, fun day for you :-)
Steven Millar $20.00 Good luck Helen!
Ian Perry $100.00
EDGAR PETRONE $35.00 Have fun Francis!
Liezl Steenkamp $35.00 Good Luck
Jeni Pitman $50.00
Lynda Dunn $100.00 Big thing to come back from your accident and conquer this challenge Nigel. Congratulations and enjoy the day.
John Tuskin $200.00 Goodluck to everyone in the Ruralco Team
Prabha Suraj $100.00 You'll do great!
Adam Sharp $50.00 Best wishes Nigel. Great to see you back on the bike.
Anonymous $50.00 GO NIGEL
Rachel Hanigan $20.00 I admire your bravery!!!
Nick Sice $50.00
Patrick Eustace $50.00 Good luck Sean
Anonymous $50.00 Dustin likes pole dancing
Luke Drechsler $75.00 Enjoy the ride !
Hayden Hogan $20.00 Good luck mate
Torben Donnerborg $10.00
Dawie Gerber $25.00 Vasbyt
Anonymous $50.00 Good luck
Lyndsay Brown $50.00 Thanks for doing this for Lifeline, Dust xxx
Ginger Nocom $100.00 Go Team Ruralco! Good on you for supporting Lifeline
Haley Charnock $50.00 All the best Nab! Not long now 😬
Anonymous $10.00 Good luck Wilma
Kelsie Blake $20.00
Carolyn Wooldridge $50.00 Good luck on the hills, remember all for a good cause.
Patrick Eustace $50.00
Patrick Eustace $50.00
Vinod Patel $20.00 Best Luck Paddy
Graham Mathason $35.00 A tremendous effort for a great cause
Stephanie Buller $35.00
Ron McCalman $50.00
Dawie Gerber $25.00 Your nagging works... Well done and good luck Torben!
Anonymous $100.00 Good luck my friend
Jennifer Boxall $25.00
Jennifer Boxall $25.00
Melanie Lia $20.00 Good Luck Lee
Lynda Dunn $100.00 Good on you Lee! You're awesome for giving it a go. Hope this helps ease the pain on the hill.
Andrew Hill $50.00
3SH Gaddo $150.00 Go well young man...
Wholesale Horsewear House $150.00 Best of Luck Haley
Paddy McDermott $20.00 Great to have you on the team Haley. Go well.
Lee McNab $50.00 Good luck mate. Ride well!
Claire Bond $50.00 On ya bike then Lee!
Chris Hamilton $50.00 You go for it Nabby. I'm kicking the tin to apportion the pain I wont feel. I was going to do it but am going to a mate's 60th in Glen Innes instead. As us old cyclists say, "Hills are your friend (NOT)
Ann Murray $100.00 Onya Boss. You are a worthwhile individual....and you don't look like a stocking full of walnuts in lycra. You go boy!
Stuart Larkin $50.00 A sucker for punishment!
Jeni Pitman $50.00
David Gunn $50.00 Good Luck Lee - look forward to the photos!
David Buckner $75.00
Gail Murray $20.00 Good on you Torb!!!!
Myan Trinh $25.00 Go Torbs!
Bhupender Dangi $25.00 Good Cause Mate .. Good luck ..
Richard Campbell $20.00 Well done and good luck Torben
Nick Elias $50.00 Glad to help
Helen Donnerborg $20.00 Go Hard
Anonymous $1.00 test
Erin Tallis $20.00
padraic mcdermott $20.00 Go Phil
Anonymous $100.00 Go Paddy!
Anonymous $20.00 Good luck Paddy and Rural Co Team
Adrian Gratwicke $0.00
Andrew Slatter $0.00